Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All Clear!

I had my check up this past Thursday, and after a rough morning (I woke up with a bad cold and my car was pouring gas out), I got amazing news.

I had already gotten a thyroid ultrasound before the appointment and had a thyrogen test (just the 2 injections of TSH and 2 days of blood work).There is no residual thyroid tissue, and the thyroglobulin levels are untraceable! I don't need tests for 3 years! This news was not exactly unexpected, but it's always great to hear!

I feel so blessed that not even 2 years after being diagnosed, that I am completely free of cancer!

So, even though I was a slacker and didn't post much on this blog, I'll be even more scarce until my next appointment next year, or possibly until my next test in 3 years. I thank you for following me through my journey!