Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Total Body Scan

Today I had my first total body (TB) scan. It was actually kind of scary. The scariest body scan I've ever had.

The machine was kind of like a CAT scan machine, just part of a machine. I laid on a really small metal platform that had a thin pad and a pillow on it. The scanner part was flat, and could be moved up and down. It was placed about an inch away from my face. I'm not claustrophobic, but I was nervous when it was over my face. The TB scan took about 15 minutes, and went down my whole body (duhh). After the machine was past my face, she moved it down so it was closer to my body. After that, there was a 5 minute scan of my face. She moved the scanner up, and then towards my face. It was scary because she didn't move it up enough, so I had to ask her to move it.

After that, we waited about 10 minutes or so for the doctor to come back and talk to us. I don't think he's a doctor yet, but he knows what he's doing (I hope). They couldn't see any cancer cells floating around anywhere, they only saw what was left of the thyroid after the surgery. That is basically just tissues/cells left around the vocal chord area. I'll be doing the real RAI treatment starting on Monday. I had the option of not doing it, but it seems best to just kill it off. And, I've been preparing for it, so we might as well do it and see what happens. I'll be getting 100mci of RAI (this past Monday, I received 5mci for the diagnosis).

Next Thursday, I'll go back for another TB Scan next Thursday. Hopefully it won't be as scary...

So, I got to get those wonderful TSH injections again on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily, after that, I can wait until April/May 2011 when I have to do the scan again. Yup, I get to do all of this (LID diet, TSH injections, take 5mci of RAI and the scan) every year for a few years.

I'll post again on Monday, after I drink some more RAI!