Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Important Body Scan

This morning I went in for my total body scan to see how the RAI is working.

I went right in, go the whole scan done, the neck scan, and went to wait. They said they wanted a chest picture done, so I went back and had to be put back under the machine to get a picture of my chest. I guess there was a couple of white spots on the total body scan, so they wanted to be sure there was nothing there.

After, I went back & spoke with the resident. The scan shows that the remaining thyroid tissue is taking in the RAI nicely! In 3-4 weeks, the tissue should be completely killed off! I'm so happy that this is working, and I can pretty much get past this!

I will need to be doing blood work every 6 weeks, mostly for my TSH & T4 levels for my medicine, and I'll have to repeat this scan (not the major dose week, just the first dose week) every 9-12 months.

For now, I won't update too much, definitely not until after the wedding. Just on adjustments in medicine & any new information.