Monday, July 19, 2010

Treatment is Underway!

I am currently beginning my treatment to cure the cancer for good! A week and a half ago, I met with the nuclear medicine department at Strong and after that, I began my LID (Low Iodine Diet). Honestly, that has been about the worst part of the whole treatment! I'm finding it hard to eat. I get sick of things easily, and I'm not really trying to hard to find anything. We'll hopefully be getting more low salt items and things I can use to make the next 2 weeks bearable.

This weekend I started my TSH injections. They. Were. Horrible! I hate that I still have to have them done two more times! It hurt really bad, and the second one bled and bruised! Both arms still hurt when they're touched. Hopefully this week that goes away, just in time for two more. So, I lied. THIS is the worst part of the entire thing! The most painful shot I've ever gotten!

Today I finally got the first dose of the RAI! It was kind of scary. I got there, and had blood work done to check the TSH levels and to make sure I'm not preggo (which I'm not). We waited around a while, then I finally got to go back and drink it out of this metal container, which has a vial in it. I drank out of this plastic tube, and the resident filled it with water using a syringe twice. It basically tasted like water, but you could taste the plastic from the tube. Gross.

Wednesday, I go back for the body scan. Then they'll tell us what the dosage will be next week, when I have to go back for injections and drinking more RAI.

I can't wait to be done. 12 more days and everything will be back to normal.