Friday, July 9, 2010

RAI Consultation

I had a consultation for the RAI Treatment, and I'm able to do it this month! I have a whole schedule, and it will be about two weeks long.

The first week, I'll start on Saturday, July 17th. I'll get a TSH injection that day, a TSH injection on Sunday July 18th, and then on Monday I have blood work and take the first small dose of RAI, and on Wednesday I'll have more blood work and a full body scan to diagnose if and where there is any left over cancer cells.  If that shows up that there is no cells anywhere, we won't have to do week two. I can be around people as usual, but I'll be treating it as a trial run for week two.

If we do week two, it will be the same schedule. Saturday, July 24th I'll have a TSH injection, Sunday, July 25th I'll have the second TSH injection, then Monday I'll have the higher dose of RAI. That next Thursday I'll go back for a body scan. Week two, I can't be around people between Monday and Saturday. The doctor said that on Saturday, July 31, I can go back to normal! Just in time for wedding madness!

Luckily, I don't have to be extremely strict with the low iodine diet, but I will follow it as close as I can, so it all works the best. I will have to be careful on week two, cleaning up a lot, and being no closer than 15 feet to anyone. I'll pretty much hang out in my room all week, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

I'm so happy this is working out to be done before the wedding, and hopefully this treatment will (and should) be the only treatment needed to take care of this!