Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Surgery News

At 1:00 pm yesterday, I had my consultation with the surgeon. After a lot of waiting, a lot of questions were answered and we walked out with a surgery appointment!

I spoke with the nurse practitioner, and told her what's been going on and why I was there. She was even all excited about the wedding! When we said that and how I wouldn't be on the insurance after that day, she said she'd put me at the top of the list!

I then spoke with the surgeon, Dr. Caldwell (after some more waiting). We talked about what was going on, what he wants done (well, what the specialist wants done), and briefly explaining what he's going to be doing. He'll be taking out the whole thyroid and some lymph nodes in the area. Apparently, the thyroid is almost the whole length of the neck! He'll make a cut at the bottom of my neck, and take the thyroid and lymph nodes out. I'll have a drainage tube after for a couple days (it looks like a straw sticking out! It's weird!), and staying at least overnight. I'm hoping they take out the tube so I don't have to worry about it!
So, Friday I'll be going to RGH for lab work and a chest x-ray, then going back to the Linden Oaks Office to talk about pre-, during, and post- surgery with the RPA (I forgot what it stands for). More questions will be answered. Monday evening I'll be going to RGH for my surgery!

It's a weird feeling. I don't feel nervous at all, but I am nervous. I'm sure I'll feel it on Monday! It's such a great thing to have it done this early! A true answer to a prayer! I hoped we could get it done before the end of June so I could have maximum healing time before the wedding, but didn't think I'd actually be able to do it, and this soon! I could have gone in on Friday to do the surgery if I really wanted!

I'll be the 6th thryoid removal of the day on Monday, so he'll be all warmed up! :)