Thursday, June 24, 2010


This past Monday, I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 4pm for a 6:30pm surgery. Monday morning, I got a phone call from the hospital at 7:30 am asking to come in ASAP so they can start by 11am! I was completely freaked out, and was so nervous, but it was best to do it ASAP, so I wasn't waiting around all day.

We got all situated and got to the hospital by 9am, where they took me back to get my IV in, and by 10am, the surgery was starting.

Me before the surgery, with my cool hat....that I didn't have when I woke up.

At 11:30am I was being woken up and brought into recovery, and around 12:30pm, Josh and my mom were able to come see me. They had to search around to find me a room, since I came in so early, and by 1pm, they brought me up to my room. (When I can upload my photos easier I'll post them up)

It really wasn't that bad, since the only thing I was awake for was the IV. The recovery is actually the harder part. I haven't been in a huge amount of pain, so the most I've really taken is Ibuprofin. I've been very tired, expression-less, and it's just been hard to move with all of the bandages and the drainage tube being in still (oh yeah, I have's not really that fun). I'm hoping that can come out today or tomorrow. I'd assume tomorrow, but I just want it out so I can feel better. When I go in to get the tube out, they'll take off the bandages, and we'll see what it looks like!

For now, that's all I really have to say about the surgery. Easy on my part. I'll post more after I get the drainage tube out!