Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well-Wishes: Surgery

I have had so many friends support me through e-mails, facebook messages, visits in the hospital or at my house. One family even sent me an edible arrangement! I was so excited! I have the best friends and family ever, and so glad that so many people sent us messages, let us know they were praying, and willing to visit me.

Here are some more well wishes that I got in response to going in to surgery:

Josh, Paula is and will continue to be in our prayers (as well as YOU!) Ray & I prayed together this morning before he left for work and I am going to call him now to give him the updated info.God Bless,
~Sue & Ray, Church Family

Definitely praying for Paula. Love you both very much! With JOY in Him,
That's good news Josh, praising God that every thing went well! Please give Paula our love!
~Brenda, Church Family

Yes, of course, we will be praying for Paula this morning. Thank you for letting us know. I'm sure she will do well, but sorry she has to do this now. No surgery is easy. We just want her to be well and be able to enjoy both weddings, Quinn's & yours!! Love you both,
~Grandma & Charlie, Josh's Family

My prayers are with you! May everything work out just fine.

~Aunt Mary, Josh's Family

Thanks for the update. It was good to hear that the surgery was over and went well for Paula.

~Laurie, Church Family

Josh:: PAULA'S SURGERY IS AT 11AM TODAY INSTEAD OF 6:30 PM. pray for Paula the doctor and us all waiting that everything goes smoothe please :-)
Deb::Thoughts with you Josh..
Mary:: praying...hugs!
Tammy:: Prayers coming your way :)
Dawn:: lots of prayers!!!!!!!
Ann:: whoa, it's 11:00 right now. Prayiing

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Mary:: Sharing in your happiness and relief Josh! Will keep praying... hugs!
Michelle::  :)
Mary:: Woo Hoo! God is good, all the time! Just think she still at this time of day would still not have been able to eat and anticipating going in, if not for the cancellation. Praise God for His perfect timing in getting this surgery scheduled promptly and her surgery time being moved up. God is in the details! Hugs!
Sherrie:: Give her our Love Josh!
Josh:: so so true. will do

Josh Merrill We just got to go see her she's tired but looks really good and isnt in much pain at all. She's doing very well thank-you for all your thoughts and prayers!
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Dawn:: thank god!!!! we will keep praying for her.
Chrissy:: yay! Give her all of my love for me! :)
Bob:: glad paula is doing good

Paula Sarma Is enjoying the last full day with a thyroid. Happy father's day!
Dawn:: we will be praying for you tomorrow
Allyson:: :( love ya good luck... everything will be fine
Susan:: OH NO! Sorry to hear/see this! Good luck with all, we'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hope to get an update asap!
Paula::Thanks! I know! I'll just be happier when I wake up after! Not looking forward to the IV, and hopefully I'll be much better after.
Laurie:: I'll be praying for God's comfort for you tomorrow and for the God's guidance in the skill of the surgeon.
Lori:: I will be praying extra hard for you tomorrow morning. My preacher is praying for you as well.
Paula: Thank you everyone! :)

Jennifer:: i'll be thinking and praying about u!! i ♥ ya

Sherrie:: Praying for you! Have Pam calling me as soon as you are out! I am especially covering the IV part.
Paula:: Thanks! Just gotta deal with all of the shits and blood work now.

Paula:: Haha shots. That's the touch screen for you...
Sherrie:: maybe your first word is the correct one :-)
Paula:: haha true!

Paula 's surgery was moved up to around 11am. Going in asap
Judy Lynn:: Good luck! i'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers all day :-)
Jennifer:: good luck Paula everything will be fine! Thoughts and prayers are with you! ♥ ya

Deb:: Hey..thoughts and prayers are with you...remember..just a little nap and you will be good to go...your a strong beautiful woman..just a little bump in the road...xo

Josh:: Your doing great god is watching over you my bride

Paula:: Is in her room relaxing and resting. Just a sore throat
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Tammy:: So glad to hear this :) We will keep praying for a quick recov
Mary:: ...not just like, love! Hugs!
Jennifer:: thats awesome! Jen && i were gunna stop by later 2 c u 4 a lil bit
Amanda:: Yay, glad everything is going well!
Shannon :: Huzzah!
Peter:: Good to hear youre home keep resting
Kristin:: Considering you're texting you must not feel that bad. :)
Crystal:: PTL! Glad to hear everything went well so far. praying for an easy recovery!
Paula::Well I'm not home but feeling pretty good. Doing pretty well too.. just hoping the drainage tube can come out. Not enjoying the shots and blood draws either.
Dawn:: glad all is well. feel better soon.
Bob::glad to hear your doing ok i prayed for ya. Get better soon
Sue:: So happy to hear everything went smoothly!!

Rick:: not gonna lie, uncool for not seeking my opinion first about this surgery thing. Everything is for the most part fine until rick goes of the grid for a weekend, way to be considerate of others. That being said, GLAD YOUR DOING WELL!
Paula:: Haha sorry. It was all a little short notice. Thanks! :)
Amy:: So happy it went well. Let me know when your settled at home and I can come bother you!
Paula:: Haha ok! Maybe on wed you can come over after I'm settled

Paula:: is finally home!
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Jennifer:: I hope your doing good!
Amy:: YAY!
Sue::That's awesome!!
Kelsey:: yay!
Cathryn:: Yeah!
Shannon:: Yay! Drain?
Myke:: Bark! Bark! Bark! (a direct quote from your daughter, Daisy.)
Dawn:: glad to hear it!!!!
Chrissy::I hope you get to feeling 100% soon, ma'am! I love you! ♥
Mary:: Wait Dad, I hear Monet and Bella barking also...oh that was yesterday at the picnic. LOL!
Mary:: I am glad to hear that all went well. God is good.
Susan:: Our prayers have been answered! Our God is an awesome God! We will continue to pray for you for a speedy recovery!
Cristen:: i hope all went well and i hope u have a gppd recovery
Paula:: ahaha! My daughter went crazy yesterday! :) Unfortunately, I do have a drain...not excited about that. Hopefully on Thurs or Fri it can come out!
Kelsey:: yay! get lots of rest dear :) let me know if you need anything

I feel so blessed to have so many people out there praying and thinking about me!