Monday, June 28, 2010

Well-Wishes: Pathology Results

After letting everyone know about the pathology results, I got tons of texts and messages from family & friends.

Paula can officially say she's a cancer survivor. It's all out!

Woo Hoo!! Go Paula..Go Paula.. ( :

Love! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! HUGS!

Thats what I said Sue...Run Paula Run...So happy for you!

awww congrats paula.

I cried.

yay! I'm so happy for you!!

I am so happy to hear that. It is another positive answer to prayers.

Paula, awesome news that they got it all. I have a friend that has gone through the'll do great!!! Love you girl

~Aunt Sherrie, Josh's family

Words can not express the joy that I am feeling for you today and for Josh and for all who love you! A tear came to my eye and praise to my lips for God's watching over you from the discovery of the concern and now through the treatment to come!
Continued prayers on your behalf will be said and much love and hugs are sent to you!

~Mary, Josh's sister

Thanks for keeping us informed. I am sorry to hear it was cancerous, but happy to hear that that they got all of it out. You are such a kind, precious person...I feel confident that it will work out well for you. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
~Aunt Mary, Josh's Family

In addition to praying for you, I will pray for Daisy, she will miss you.
~Clint, Church Family